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About Us

We started The Buck Saver over 20 years ago because we saw a need for better advertising choices in Central Virginia.   At the time, the only classified advertising was in local newspapers and it was expensive.  The Buck Saver was the only publication to offer free advertising to the public. Our paper sales did very well and our database of free ads quickly grew.  In no time, The Buck Saver was publishing more classified items for sale than any other publication --- more cars and trucks, more furniture, more appliances, more tools, more guns, etc., etc., etc.

    Twenty years later, we are still the same business, but bigger and better.  We are now online as well as in print.  Our print publication is available in hundreds of stores in Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley.  Our distribution area extends from Culpeper to Lynchburg, from Louisa to Covington, and from Lexington to Harrisonburg.

    Our new website is the best, most complete and most powerful online classified advertising site in Virginia, however, our online advertising reach extends beyond the borders of the Old Dominion into other mid-Atlantic states, including North Carolina, West Virginia and Maryland.  Of course, there are no boundaries in internet sales.  We accept advertising from anywhere.  There are always some special, rare, hard-to find items that are worth a little travel or shipping cost. 

    In addition to our wealth of great bargains on items for sale by individuals, we offer very affordable rates for commercial advertising.  Certain businesses advertise in The Buck Saver because they specialize in items which are the bread and butter of the Buck Saver classifieds.  Car dealers, for example, do very well in The Buck Saver, as do gun shops, tool and power equipment dealers, auctioneers and so forth.  See our page on commercial advertising for more information.

    We hope you enjoy your buying and selling in The Buck Saver.  Please pass the word to your friends and help us grow in order to serve you better.  Let me leave you with one last important point:  we have been able to bring bargains to people for over twenty years only thanks to some local businesses who have been supporters of The Buck Saver, and valued advertisers, for many years.  Several car dealers come immediately to mind because they have been with us since the beginning.  BiRite Auto Sales is at the top of the list. Charlie Newman and his wife, Debbie,  helped us get off the ground.  Freebridge Auto Sales has been a big advertiser with us for almost as long.  Campbell Equipment has probably been our largest advertiser over the years, using prominent advertising for their auto sales business, and their custom tires and wheels.  These and many other businesses have supported us because Buck Saver advertising has proven its value.  Please help us to continue to serve the buying public by patronizing our advertisers whenever you can.

Mr and Mrs Buck Saver in the days before there was a Buck Saver, when we were living and vacationing on paychecks from others, before we dreamed we could make a living giving away free advertising for second hand bargains.  What a trip it has been!