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For thousands of years material goods traveled by camel caravan along the Great Silk Road, from East to West, and West to East, being traded at points between, then distributed to far away lands North and South. Milestones in human history have made such slow and cumbersome product distribution a thing of the past. With the advent of the Internet, worldwide trade has never been easier.

For some thirty years, Buck Saver advertising has been among the most affordable and cost effective in Central Virginia. Now, with our new, vastly improved website, your buck (and your product) goes even farther. Businesses can now reach new readers and new markets through  If you have a website, we will link your Buck Saver online ad directly to your website.

The key to success in Buck Saver advertising is still the weekly print publication. It is in stores throughout Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley, from Culpeper in the north down to Buckingham, and from Louisa to Staunton, and Covington to Harrisonburg, including, of course, Charlottesville and Lynchburg. If you can't find a print issue near you, click here to let us know. If you think you know of a suitable location (such as a general store in your local area), click here to let us know that, as well. We will consider all suitable location, and drop-off points will be added based on your suggestions, demographics, readership market potential, etc. Or you may download a digital copy of current or past issues of The Buck Saver, here.

Our display rates start at only $10 per week for a business card ad and go up to $200 for a full page, full color ad.  There are discounts for long term advertising and special introductory rates for advertising on the website in conjunction with print advertising.

Sales and Graphic Design staff are standing by to help you get the most from your advertising budget.

To learn more about advertising with The Buck Saver and, please email

Thank you for using The Buck Saver and Your patronage is welcome and appreciated.

The Buck Saver Staff