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Individuals may advertise personal items for sale.  Generally, these would be used items – furniture, cars, boats, tools, etc, but it also includes livestock, agricultural items.  There is no limit on the number of free personal ads.  Free text ads appear online and in the print edition of The Buck Saver.  Photo ads are also free online, under the same conditions.

Ads normally run two weeks, but if you place your ads online, you may chose to run your ads up to four weeks.  When your item sells, simply login to your account to cancel your ad. You can also renew and edit your ads online.

No, all that is required is to set up a free membership account.  Members can place unlimied free ads, including photo ads.  However, we do strongly encourage members to purchase subscriptions.  For one thing, we need your support to make the Buck Saver successful, but in addiittion to that, subscribers get benefits members do not.  Subscribers can see ads online before the paper is in the stores.  Subscribers pay less for access to our ads, and they get more.  Subscribers can read the Buck Saver in the print version, or as a searchable database, and some ads appear only online.  Subscribers also have access to our archive of older issues of the print Buck Saver.

Photo ads may be free or paid.  Free photo ads appear only online.  Upload up to five (5) photos free with each online photo ad.  You can greatly increase the reach of your photo ad by including it in the print edition of The Buck Saver. Our print publication reaches thousands of people throughout Central Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley.  The charge for the upgraded photo ad is only $15 for 4 weeks.

Business ads:  Services are business ads.  Service ads are not free, but our rates are very affordable.  Examples are:  Child Care, Lawn Care, Bookkeeping, Home Improvements, Etc.  Business advertising is available in our Classified Service Directory, as well as Print and Online Display Advertising. 

Pet Ads --  Most Pet ads are free, EXCEPT for puppies priced over $100.  All free puppy ads MUST state the price.

Rental Ads --  All rental ads are business ads. This includes homes, apartments and rooms.

Other Business Ads  --  Firewood for sale, any personal services for a fee.  If you would like to speak to a representative about advertising, please email

5pm Monday for next day publication, Tuesday.

Advertise on as many sites as you wish, but there are advantages to advertising locally to local buyers.  Avoid the scams, avoid the unwanted solicitations, avoid the phishing for personal information by unscrupulous characters, and support the local businesses who advertise locally in The Buck Saver.

    Remember that PHOTO ADS sell better and faster, and photos appear first under the heading.  Take good photos of your item and upload to the website.  ONLINE ADS ARE FREE!